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Homemade Canvas Collections    (canvas cluster and panel pricing coming soon!)
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8"x 10"
10"x 20"
11"x 14"
12"x 12"
12"x 18"
12"x 24"
16"x 20"
18"x 24"
24"x 24"
24"x 36"
36"x 60"
Whether you are looking for a single Wrapped Canvas, A Canvas Cluster or A Canvas Panel Set, you will
receive a piece of art that you will love forever.  
ANG Printing and Design uses only the highest quality materials and takes care wrapping each piece by hand.
  • We use only the best canvas material allowing for the highest optical quality and optimal color saturation.
  • Heavy duty stretcher bars are made of kiln-dried, knot-free pine from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Water-based, non-yellowing clear coating that has excellent exterior durability and are highly flexible. Our laminate contains
    state-of-the-art UV inhibitors that protects your print.
As with all image based products, we need to make sure that the file we receive will allow us to give you the most amazing piece
of art.  
Please take a look at the
image quality informational sheet to make sure you have an image that will work.
Large Canvas Sizes
Medium Canvas Sizes
Small Canvas Sizes
I take pride in printing your pieces of art with exceptional quality of work and above industry standard
materials - while also putting a touch of YOU in the design.  There certainly are large printing
companies out there that can mass produce items on an assembly line to save you
a few dollars - and for some people that may fit their needs.   However, if you are looking for a
customized design, superior quality work - truly handmade piece of ART -  then you are at the right place!
If you chose to
customized your
canvas-  simply order
the size you would like
with the customization
noted and I will contact
you immediately via
email to go over all of
our options