240-285-1868  Angie@ANGPrint.com
240-285-1868  Angie@ANGPrint.com
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You know when you hear someone say - “When you do what you love, you will
never work a day in your life”
.  Yea - that always
sounded great but I just couldn't  put my finger on exactly
what "it" was.  Don’t get me wrong - I have always been
happy at work (that is just my personality) but it was in
fact…still work.  I spent my free time with my family and
enjoyed doing artsy stuff whenever I could.  Things like -
refinishing furniture, painting, anything with a hot glue gun,
graphic design….
Anything creative.  

So as time marched on -  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work
and train on a printer.  A BIG printer. A FUN printer!  From then on -  that is where I
wanted to be.  I wanted to learn everything I could.  I wanted to practice as much
as I could.  Everything came together. My love of designing, art and everything
creative was now being intertwined with something that I could do as a “job”.  



OK - now you know the back story…head off to another section of the site to see
what I can create for you!  I promise- I will “work” hard on it.  
(see what I did there)   
So here I am.  I finally found it...
that "thing" that I
And they were right…I haven’t worked a day since!